Our Staff

We hire people who have a caring heart and take pride in the work they do.

Vienna Village, an assisted living community in the Winston‑Salem, North Carolina area, is family-owned and operated with the owners living on-site and involved on a daily basis. We are now in the third generation of family operation, and we are committed to giving the residents our best care. We take pride in our excellent reputation in the community.

Our Staff

To us, the care is personal. We hire people who have a caring heart and take pride in the work they do. The average staff member has worked for Vienna Village for over five years. Our experienced caregivers learn to anticipate and meet the personal needs of the residents and excel at providing unparalleled service.

“We rely on an experienced staff whose sensitivities are cultivated, whose best efforts are demanded, and whose concern and expertise are evident.“ –Jim Lowe, Owner

Jim Lowe - Owner/President

Since 1971

Ann Lowe - Owner/Administrator

Since 1971

Chris Parker - Vice President/Administrator

Since 1995

Heather Parker - Business Manager

Since 2002

Morgan Bankert - Human Resources Coordinator

Since April 2008

Cheri Malek - Director of Community Relations

Since July 2011

Suzanne Simpson-Vogler - Activity Director

Since October 2021

Arlene Eddleman - Resident Care Coordinator

Since August 1979

Tracy Pack - Supervisor

Since July 2002

Kayla Swart - Supervisor

Since November 2013

Bonnie Walker - Supervisor

Since August 2001

Jaimee York - Supervisor

Since May 2018

Linda Laspata - Supervisor

Since 2007

Jennifer Kiger - Supervisor

Since August 2000

Leonor Weese - Supervisor

Since October 2017

Atalia Jordan - Human Resources Specialist

Since August 2020