HomeAssisted Living10 Decorating Tips for Assisted Living

1. You want you loved one’s room to feel like home so bring what is important. Pictures of loved ones, mementos, special blanket, books, etc. It is important to avoid clutter. Donate or gift the items that your loved one chooses not to keep.

  1. Consider Your Space

Make sure you and your loved one have seen the new space in the assisted living near Winston Salem, NC. Less is more when moving to a small living space. Try to recreate the look and feel of your loved ones’ previous home with less. Using decor items and personal pictures and mementos will help to create a sense of familiarity within the space.

  1. Creative Storage

Get creative with your storage because there may not be a lot of it, depending on the space. Consider items that can pull “double duty” like a storage ottoman. A book shelf is also a great way to add storage to a room.

  1. Safety

Make sure your loved ones’ room is free of tripping hazards like electrical cords or rugs. Secure rugs with backing to prevent tripping or slipping. If you loved one uses a walker or a cane you may want to do without rugs.

  1. Accessibility

Put items like the phone near the bed or by a sitting area. Keep your loved ones’ daily routine in mind when arranging their room. Place frequently used items in easily accessed drawers and make sure light and lamp switches, knobs and handles are easy to function

  1. Visibility

As we age our eyesight changes. Make sure that your loved ones’ room is well it especially pathways. Place additional lighting in areas where you loved one may do a hobby like putting a puzzle together or reading. You may want to consider motion sensor for lighting for hallways or bathrooms.

  1. Bathroom Functionality

Most assisted living near Winston Salem, NC communities will already have handicap-accessible bathrooms. There are other ways that you can make the bathroom more functional like by placing comfortable seating in front of the sink and shower. If they aren’t already installed consider installing grab bars near the shower and toilet and non-slip strips on the shower floor.

  1. Cutting Corners

If your space is big enough for a small furniture item or decor make sure it is free of sharp corners and glass. Items with sharp corners and glass can cause injuries consider items with rounded edges.

  1. Warm and Cozy

Think tactile when decorating your loved one’s room. Touch is especially important to seniors even more so to those who have Alzheimer’s and dementia. Bring warm cozy blankets and throws. Lace, fur and denim can also be items that will stimulate their senses and memories.

  1. Avoid Busy Patterns

Patterns can cause confusion for aging seniors especially those who suffer from dementia. You also want to avoid dark spots because the can look like holes to someone with vision loss. Try to keep decor like paintings simple.