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Did you know that simply changing the colors on your walls at home or your accent colors can affect your mood, feelings and overall well-being? If you or a loved one is moving into a Winston Salem, NC assisted living room or just wanting to add a little personality to your room, color is a great way make your space your own. The colors you choose to use in your space can also affect your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Colors can evoke specific emotions as well as may offer health benefits specific to a hue. Some scientific studies have shown that painting the walls pink in a jail and/or a detention center with full spectrum light treatments have helped to remedy certain types of seasonal depression. But you don’t have to change the color on your walls to illicit these benefits. You can use accent pillows, art work, or even a throw. Here are some colors and the responses they induce:

White is one of the most common colors to paint our walls. White is often represents cleansing, purifying and strengthening, as well as calming.

Red is a very stimulating color that is associated with strength, willpower, alertness and even libido. Color therapists use the color red to help treat fatigue, anemia, low blood pressure and even poor appetite.

Yellow is often associated with cheer and joy but it is also good for concentration, clear thinking and judgment. Color therapists say that the color yellow is a cleansing or purifying color that helps to aide the digestive system and nervous system.

Blue is peaceful and calming color. It is often associated with creativity, thoughtfulness and healing. The color blue can help with stress and insomnia as well as encouraging anti-inflammation, according to color therapists.

Green also has a calming, relaxing and balancing effect. It makes us think of nature and life. The color green helps to soothe the nervous system, lower blood pressure, and balance metabolism.

Choosing the right accent colors for your or your loved ones room in a Winston Salem, NC assisted living facilities can make all the difference. Have fun playing with colors and affecting the world around you.