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It can be difficult to decide if it’s time for your aging parent to move to a Winston Salem NC assisted living facility. You don’t want to wait for a major incident to occur that causes your loved one irreparable harm. But sometimes, the cues are subtle that a problem is beginning. Here are several signs to watch out for to help you determine whether your aging parents should stop living alone.

  1. Difficult recoveries – Have you noticed your parent taking longer to recover from illness or an injury? This can be a strong sign that their health is beginning to fail. It becomes harder to bounce back from poor health as we age. Even a mild injury or ailment can become a long-term drain on an older person’s well-being. It’s wise to start looking at alternatives to living alone to avoid these types of lengthy recoveries and their detrimental impacts.
  1. 2. Dementia symptoms – Dementia is a serious condition that should not be overlooked. Your aging parent can be in real danger if they start exhibiting signs of forgetfulness, losing track of events or items, or general disorientation. After all, it only takes a moment for a forgotten stove burner to start a major fire. The minute you even slightly suspect your parent might be suffering from the early stages of dementia is the time to help them seek diagnosis, treatment and proper care, whether assisted living, in-home care or another daily care arrangement.
  1. Recent accidents – An occasional accident is rarely something to worry about. But when accidents become more frequent, such as repeatedly seeing new dings or dents in your parent’s car, it’s time to reevaluate their driving. If your loved one starts falling more often, that’s a sign that they may need help getting around the house, or may need to move to an easier-to-navigate home. Seek outside assistance when this pattern arises.
  1. Weight fluctuations – If you notice a big difference in your parent’s weight, you should keep a close eye on them. Sudden weight loss or gain can signal a host of health problems, psychiatric issues or neurological problems, especially when there’s no easy reason for the change. Other warning signs include difficulties your parent may have in preparing the same meals they used to do routinely, or getting as much exercise as they previously did.
  1. Poor hygiene and personal care – Another sign of deteriorating physical or mental health is a change in personal hygiene habits. Look to see whether or not your parent still takes the same care with their appearance, such as fixing hair or makeup before leaving the house. Other red flags to be aware of include a parent no longer brushing their teeth, bathing regularly or washing their clothes. If left unattended, these problems will only grow worse with time and can complicate, encourage or create health issues for your loved one.
  1. Social withdrawal – If your parent stops going to church, starts making excuses to avoid social outings, or shows a lack of interest in leaving the house, this is a cause for concern. If your parent doesn’t get out of their house on a regular basis, they are at risk of potential cognitive decline or depression. This is where the health benefits and social engagement of a Winston Salem NC assisted living facility or a home care companion can help a withdrawn parent start to thrive again.
  1. Financial problems – Another sign that your parent may not be able to live on their own anymore if when they start having trouble managing their money. If you see unpaid bill warning notices piling up, or your parent suddenly having trouble making ends meet, it’s time to take action and consider alternative living arrangements. In some cases, forgotten expenses, scams, and other issues can lead to bigger financial problems.

It’s wise to talk with your parents and other family members early on about different senior care options. This way, you can honestly discuss the potential pitfalls of living alone and the risk of ignoring them before any cognitive problems arise.

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