How Our Independent Living Cottages Can Enhance Your Life

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If you’re a senior thinking about your living situation, assisted living may have crossed your mind once or several times. Perhaps you’re not sure about it because you’re still pretty healthy and active. Or maybe you, like many others, don’t want to live in a care facility and pay for services you don’t really need.

How Our Independent Living Cottages Can Enhance Your Life

However, our independent living cottages at Vienna Village Assisted Living can be an excellent choice for many reasons. Here are a few ways our independent living cottages can enhance your life:

  • Fewer Chores- Maintaining a household is hard work that takes up hours upon hours of your time each week. However, at our independent living cottages, you can leave things like housekeeping and lawn maintenance to someone else. This gives you more time to enjoy the things you love.
  • Social Events- If you have been feeling isolated because you live far from family or just have few opportunities to socialize, our independent living cottages provide a variety of social events you can attend and enjoy the company of others.
  • Amenities- Our independent living cottages are also great because they provide recreational spaces where you can enjoy many different activities.
  • Medical Alert System- Even if you’re mostly healthy, it may be a great comfort to you to have help in an emergency. Our independent living cottages offer an emergency medical alert system that will help you get quick medical attention if you need it. Also, if the need arises, you have the option to move into our premier assisted living community right across the street.

If you’re thinking about independent living, contact us at Vienna Village Assisted Living to learn about our cottages. We would be happy to answer your questions.