I worked here and loved it. They treated staff well. If I didn’t have my RN, I’d go back there in a heartbeat.
- Christina

My mother has been at Vienna Village Assisted Living for over 4 months, and they have surpassed every expectation. I looked after my mother for 2 years in my home until she needed 24-hour care, and then we looked at my places in Winston‑Salem. My only regret is that I did not move her to Vienna Village sooner. I sit with my mother often and see the loving, caring staff that takes care of her. They have many long-time caretakers, and it shows that they look at this as their passion not as their job.

- Jay Allred

Vienna Village Assisted Living was bright and looked homey. The staff seemed friendly, and the staff per patient ratio was good. The room has a hospital bed and a nice dresser, a bird feeder outside of every window, and every room has a window. They have Bingo, different musicians that come in and play, and they go on outings outside the facility.

- Caring

Vienna Village Assisted Living is clean. They do the laundry every single day. They have doctors that will come on-site regularly to take care of the patients. There is an RN available for patient care. The staff ratio is 5 to 1. The food is good. They have three good meals, plus two snacks. They give the patients baths and do their hair once a week. Medications are done through the pharmacy, so it’s easy to dispense but it’s not expensive. Basically, everything is included in the price they give you, so you know exactly what you’re paying to begin with. They’re really good.

- Bonnie

Such special care is given at Vienna Village. We couldn’t be more pleased with the care that my father receives daily. We are blessed to have such good care and good communication from the staff.
- Sherry C.

I am the lead beautician at Vienna Village Assisted Living.I was speaking to a resident this morning. He had to leave and go be in rehab, etc., until he got better. I asked if they were nice to him. He said, “Everyone was nice to me, but it’s just different; not like at Vienna Village. It’s just really good here.” I said, “I know they are really good to the residents and staff.” They are very professional, but somehow, they still treat everyone as if it is their own family member. It’s just sweet and special here for us staff and the residents as well. My mom was here but then was able to go back into independent living. We were talking about how great Vienna Village is. I got the job here originally to see my mom when she was here but ended up loving it, so I said, “Momma, see, God had to let you have 3 mini strokes and your legs stop working and your mind went crazy for a while just to lead me to a great job at Vienna Village.” I said, “Was it worth it, momma?” She said ‘yes’ and started laughing. Saying all this to say as a staff member and as a child of a former resident, this is the best place you can work or put your parents when the time comes. I’m very blessed to work here.

- Sandra L.

Vienna Village Assisted Living is a wonderful place for seniors to call home. The staff is attentive and really CARE about the residents!

- Patsy T.

They cared for my mother for 27 months and were loving and caring and patient the entire time. 10 stars from me.

- Jim A.

My mom was in a few nursing homes prior to moving to Vienna Village Assisted Living. Vienna Village is head and shoulders above the other nursing homes. My mom always looked clean and well cared for. The nursing staff was super professional, yet very personable and kind. Staff was held to a high level of excellence!! The facilities were always clean and tidy. I am very thankful for this “home” for my mom during some tough times!! I highly recommend.

- Martha F.

A positive atmosphere! My mother is doing much better since her move to this facility. I know people who lived here prior to her move in, so I knew it was a good place. The food is very good, and they try to do everything they can for us. It has been a good experience so far.

- Anonymous

I have been visiting Vienna Village Assisted Living with my kids and now grandchildren for over 8 yrs. The staff has been wonderful and very kind. It looks to be very clean and organized on every visit. It’s a nice place to spend time with some people that just need company.

- Diana R.

A dear friend of mine, Louise, was cared for and loved by the staff during the 15 months she was there. The facility is beautiful and immaculate. The landscaping is breath-taking. The staff is so caring and friendly. The care is remarkable. Thanks for the love Louise received.

- Debbie J.

Well-maintained facility with caring owners and staff! Very impressive!
- Patricia P.