HomeAssisted LivingWhat Steps Do You Take When Your Parents Need Assisted Living?

Coming to the realization that your mom, dad or loved one needs assisted care can be a hard pill to swallow. You parents are the ones who took care of your every need and now it is your turn to show your love by keeping them safe and secure. This role reversed is not an easy adjustment. Some families have the means and the space available to care for their loved ones in their own home while others will need to look else where for help. Here are some steps to take when looking for assisted living in Winston Salem, NC.

  1. Senior Living Advisor

A Senior Living Advisor is a person who can give you an informed view of senior communities and eldercare options in your area. They can provide you with a list of communities that meet your loved ones needs, preferences and price range. If you and your family are unable to afford private pay assisted living then your Senior Living Advisor will provide you a list of facilities that allow state assistance in form of Medicaid.

  1. Involvement and Choices

Get your loved one to be a part of the search and give them choices. The more involved they are in the search the more apt they are to be accepting of the decision. Their involvement will not only allow you to know what their preferences are but it will also make your loved one feel that they were part of making the decision.

  1. What You Can Afford?

Unfortunately money is a big factor in your search. Take a look at your budget and what your family can afford on a monthly basis. If you loved one is a veteran, take a look into their veteran’s benefits to see if it includes assisted living/senior care. Like it or not, money is going to be a factor in most families’ searches. A lot of families have to pool together resources from siblings and other family members to make the payments. You may also have to make the difficult decision on cashing life insurance or selling the old family home.

  1.  Touring

Now that you know what your are looking for and what you can afford it is time to tour some potential assisted living communities. Viewing pictures online or looking through brochure could ever replace touring in person. Depending on your loved one’s endurance schedule between three to six tours. Touring during meal time is a great time to visit a community. This will give you a chance to possibly sample the food as well as get a sense of the community’s culture. Once you have narrowed down your list do some unannounced follow up visits to get a better sense of the community. Your Senior Living Advisor can help you schedule your visits.

  1.  Deciding

Hopefully you and your loved one will be making this decision together if they are able but if you loved one is impaired (Dementia/Alzheimer’s) it is important to make sure that everyone in the family feels comfortable with the decision. Discuss with your parent or loved one the pro’s and con’s of each assisted living in Winston Salem, NC. You will want to check the background of the assisted living community with the licensing agency in your state. Your Senior Advisor should be able to assist you with that. Lastly read the reviews on each facility you are considering. This will help you make a more informed decision. Once you have made the decision act on it especially if your parent is in need of care. This will help you to avoid any medical problems or accidents.