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Are you looking for an assisted living community in Winston Salem for yourself or a loved one? Here are 4 questions you should ask if you are considering assisted living.

How can I pay for assisted living?

Assisted living is primarily private pay only although some states are now recognizing assisted living as part of the home and community-based services spectrum. Medicaid may cover a room and board for eligible seniors in participating states. Many families use retirement or pension funds, money from a home sale, Social Security income, etc. to cover the cost of assisted living community in Winston Salem. To learn more about what Medicare may, in special circumstances, cover on the home care or assisted living fronts, visit Medicare.gov/LongTermCare.

Who provides assisted living care and services?

There are many staff members that offer care in assisted living communities. The professional backgrounds, years of experience and training requirements are determined by each facility according to the state regulations. Here is a list:

  • Nurses
  • CNA’s (Certified Nurses Aide)
  • Nursing Assistants
  • Activity Directors, Dining Staff, Administrative Staff,
  • Directors of Nursing (DON’s)
  • Executive Directors, Caregivers
  • Physical Therapists, Social Workers, and Chauffeurs

How are assisted living communities licensed?

Assisted living communities are licensed by the state. Usually the assisted living community is licensed by the State Dept. of Health or another state department like the Aging Services or Public Welfare licenses them. You can visit the National Center on Assisted Living’s Regulatory Review for your state’s specific guidelines.

Where can I find assisted living options?

There are many places to search thanks to the Internet. Here is a list of links to visit:

National Center for Assisted Living