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Moving in to an assisted living community is not the easiest decision to make for a loved one. However seniors are finding the transition a bit easier due to the perks given to residents. Here are some benefits to being a resident at an assisted living community in Winston-Salem.

Transportation can be difficult when you are living on your own and some seniors can start to feel isolated in their own homes. At an assisted living community they provide transportation for your loved one to go to their doctor’s appointments, visiting friends, shopping, or recreation giving seniors a feeling of independence back in their lives.

Convenient medical care is another benefit to living in an assisted living community. Your loved one will have all of the comforts of home but they will in-house medical professionals to attend to residents. The in-house nurse will assist with medication, coordinate doctor’s visits, and follow up on care.

Nutrition is something that normally falls by the waste side when it is left up to us. It especially becomes harder when we have to prepare the meals and do the grocery shopping ourselves. Most assisted living communities provide at least one meal if not all three meals each day for its residents. They even offer meals that deal with the residents specific dietary needs.

Social Activities are plentiful in most assisted living communities. Think of it like a resort or cruise ship. There are always activities happening like movie night, dances, trivia night, etc. Being a part an assisted living community in Winston-Salem provides opportunity for friendship even for those who consider themselves loners.

One of the greatest benefits to living in an assisted living community is safety. As we age our bodies ultimately become frailer. Our vision gets worse and we can become a bit unsteady on our feet. Living within a community your loved one will find that other may help them steady themselves, be another set of eyes are just be there to lean on. In most facilities there are emergency response systems in each apartment to help give you and your loved one peace of mind.