HomeAssisted LivingHow to Talk to Mom or Dad When They Don’t Want Help

Aging is inevitable. We all grow older even though most of us fight it tooth and nail. Our aging loved ones don’t want to believe they are getting older even though you may notice they now need help with simple daily activities. Here are a few approaches to talking to your mom and dad about possibly moving in to a Winston Salem assisted living facility.

Family Meeting

Call a family meeting that includes adult children and possibly close friends, those who care for your loved one as well. Your loved one’s best friend may be more convincing than you are when it comes to talking about their needs. The friend may have already gone through the same thing and could speak from experience. You may also want to enlist trusted clergy if your loved one is involved with church.


Talk to your parent’s doctor and get their input. Your loved one’s doctor may be quite helpful since they trust what their physician says. This way your loved one is hearing the advice and concern coming from their doctor instead of from “the kids”.

Set up a Visit

Set up a visit to a couple of Winston Salem assisted living facilities. This will help you and your loved one to check out alternative living situations while eliminating the fear of the unknown. Most facilities welcome visits such as these.

When our loved ones refuse all of our suggestions we can’t force them to see that they need assistance. The only exception is when they are a danger to themselves and others. This is when you will want to take legal action to protect your loved one. This sounds drastic but if you have come to this stage then it is a good idea to consult with an elder law attorney. This step will be a very emotional as well as possibly costly so it is important to use this as a last resort.

It may take time but your persistence can pay off. Eventually your parents or loved ones will come to realize that moving into an assisted living facility or getting extra help is the only answer for a better quality of life. Hopefully it doesn’t take an accident to come to this realization. Patience and respectful encouragement will hopefully pay off over time.