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Recent studies have shown that nutrition, reducing stress, physical and mental exercise can make the aging brain function more effectively. Here are some ways to keep your mind or the mind of a loved one sharp.

Eat Right

Fresh fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants are essentials in a healthy diet and benefit every part of the body including the brain. A healthy diet also benefits the immune system as well. Other foods such as, fish and nuts help to protect the brain. Some research shows that caffeine from coffee can benefit brain function as well.

Have Fun

Introduce games to your parent or loved one. Find games that require thinking and evaluating such as: cards, puzzles, chess, checkers, etc. The types of games are like exercise for the brain. Don’t forget to include others, like the grandkids.

Write It Down

Recommend that your parent start a daily diary. Ask them to write down memories from each day whether it’s something that enjoyed doing today or something they remember from the past.

No Smoking

Getting your mother or father to stop smoking is certainly a challenge. Smoking provides zero benefits to the brain and body. It contributes to many diseases as well as COPD.

Laugh Often

The old adage, “Laughter is the best medicine” isn’t just a catchy saying it has some merit. The actual act of laughing has proven health benefits plus it’s fun! Go to the movies or bring over movies and good books to help encourage laughing.

Be Social

Schedule visits with your parent whether it’s you, the kids or even friends. Encourage them to participate in the life enriching programs at their assisted living in Winston Salem, NC. Engaging in activities with others will help to lift spirits and fight off loneliness.

Get Moving

Movement such as dancing, walking or in-home exercises can greatly benefit the aging brain. These types aerobic activities will also benefit the cardiovascular system. So, join your loved one for a daily walk even if it is just around the block.