HomeAssisted LivingMaking Assisted Living Feel More Like Home for Parents

Change is rarely welcomed but it can be especially hard the older we get. As we age we are forced to make pretty dramatic changes due to illnesses, death, and physical needs. As a result you may be considering moving into assisted living. Leaving home to move into assisted living can be a daunting thought. No one wants to leave the familiar let alone their own home. Here are some ways to make the move to an assisted living community in Winston Salem an easier one your loved one.

Make the new familiar; by asking your loved ones which items they would like to place in their new home. Do they have a favorite chair(s) for reading, relaxing or entertaining? Try to decorate their new home like the old home. Bring pictures, awards, mementos, tables, lamps, etc. that remind them of home. Bringing in the familiar will help with the transition into their new home.

Be patient. Don’t push your loved one to be the social butterfly at their new home. While this may seem like a fresh new start to you it may feel like loss to your loved one. Most facilities offer a wide variety of social activities for your loved one to be involved in, you may want to give them some time to adjust before they are ready for social activity. Start out slowly; encourage them to invite others over to their new home for a visit to get acclimated to their new surroundings. Make a point to talk to staff members at the assisted living community in Winston Salem about your loved one. Let them know about their personalities and tendencies because they may have some great ideas on how to get them involved.

Expect your loved one to grieve the loss of their home, neighborhood, etc. This is a dramatic move for them so don’t be waiting for a “thank you”. Just know that this is normal. Think of this move being like a death/loss for your loved one. Give them the time to mourn the loss of their old life. After a few weeks if they seem overly depressed talk to their doctor about depression. More than likely all they need is a little time to adjust into their new home. Soon you will see your loved one start to come out of their shell and get involved with others and even introduce you to new friends.