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Moving can be emotionally hard for seniors especially when it is because of a life change. The act of moving can also seem overwhelming. If your loved on is moving to a Winston Salem assisted living facility your participation is crucial. Here are some suggestions that may help to make the transition an easier one. grandparents.com

Saying Goodbye

Having your loved one say a meaningful goodbye to their long time home or living facility is a good way to move on to their next chapter in life. You may go around the house with them and share memories with each other or go around the living facility they are currently in to say goodbye to friends. This will help your loved one to create a fresh start at their new facility.


Your loved ones will need your physical assistance when packing and unpacking. When packing don’t push your loved one too much on purging their belongings. This is a highly emotional process. Give your loved one the emotional and physical space to bring a little more than planned. Once you are helping them to settle in to their new space you and your loved one can decide wether or not to keep some of the items.

Familiar Environment

Help your loved one to create a similar environment to the one they are leaving. You want their new space to feel as much like home as possible. Bring their favorite books, souvenirs, family pictures, and artwork. Making the new space feel familiar will help them to settle in more quickly. If your loved one is in the process of Alzheimer’s keeping things familiar will help to keep them oriented.

Point Person

Get to know the point people in your loved ones new home. When you first tour the Winston Salem assisted living home with your loved one you will meet a lot of people. It can be a bit overwhelming. So it is good to make a list of questions to determine who you contact for different issues such as: medication management, maintenance issues, house keeping, billing issues, etc. Finding out who these point people are will help you assist your loved one by solving problems or issues quickly. You also want to let the staff know who your loved ones point person is as well.

Get to Know the Routine and the Staff

Many communities have a set schedule for when they do housekeeping, outings, meals, etc. Depending on the type of facility your loved one is at they may not provide around the clock care. Sometimes the people on the late night shifts are there for emergencies only. So if you find out that housekeeping is done a certain day of the week try to make visit that day and time and treat your loved one to a meal out. You also want to anticipate your loved ones wants and needs. If you know that your loved one likes a little snack before bed supply them with a little treat basket for such times.

Getting to know the staff that work with your loved one like the nurses, assistants, aides, etc. will go a long way. It helps to improve the care that everyone is receiving. A simple thank you can really make a difference in one providing the care and receiving it.

Keeping some suggestions in mind will hopefully allow you to help your loved one to settle in to their new home more quickly.