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When do you know it is time for your loved to move in to assisted living? Every situation is different but the following signs may help you to make a more informed decision about moving your loved one into an assisted living community near Winston Salem.

Red Flags – In some situations, it is more glaringly obvious than others that it is time to discuss an alternative living arrangement. Maybe your loved one has had a recent fall, medical scare or perhaps a car accident. Other indicators might be slow recovery from illness or a chronic health condition that is increasingly getting worse. Are they having difficulty managing their daily activities, like laundry, cooking or managing their medications, etc.?

Visual Cues – Is your loved one losing weight and is their appearance somewhat disheveled? This can be troubling knowing that they were always dressed perfectly. Trouble getting up and down from a chair or balancing could be a sign that they may not be exercising. Gaining weight can be a result of overeating due to diabetes or dementia.

Connections – Naturally, as we age our social circles get smaller due to friends moving or even passing away. This can have a profound effect on our loved one. Withdrawal from social situations like church, hobbies, clubs and friends can be a due to depression. So make a point to ask if they are visiting or have spoken to friends or family.

Money Issues – Double checking their mail can give you an idea if they are managing their money properly or if they need help. This will help to prevent bills from piling up. If your loved one is having a hard time managing their bills it could be a sign of cognitive trouble.

Driving Changes – Take a ride with your loved one. Before getting into the car, take notice of any dents, scraps, etc. These can be signs of careless driving. Observe them while they are driving. Are they distracted, having trouble seeing, tense or preoccupied behind the wheel?

Household Changes – Was the house normally clean but now there is a lot of clutter and spills that haven’t been cleaned up? The changes are a common sign of dementia. Check out the fridge and the pantry to see if food is up to date or if it is stale and spoiled. Does your loved one have a pet? Check to make sure the pet is being cared for.

Seek Guidance – It may be time to get input from a reputable source. You may contact their Doctor to get a better idea, with permission of course. However, sometimes even physicians are not aware of the challenges their patients face in managing activities of daily living.  The Director of Community Relations at Vienna Village would be happy to talk with you about your situation and answer questions you may have about what to do next.

Making the Decision – Making the decision to move your loved one to assisted living is an emotionally hard decision to make, but our Director of Community Relations can help you as you take those first steps.  When the time comes to make alternate living arrangements for your loved one visit Vienna Village, an assisted living community near Winston Salem.  Vienna Village has been earning the trust of families since 1965.