HomeAssisted LivingTips and Techniques to Assist Loved Ones With Memory Loss

Do you have a family member in an assisted living community in Winston Salem dealing with mild to moderate memory loss? Communicating with a loved one with memory loss can be very challenging. There are some ways you can help manage the situation all while improving your loved one’s quality of life. Here are some ways to improve you communication with you loved one.

Create the Environment

Most productive interactions occur in a quiet and comfortable environment like your loved one’s room in their assisted living community in Winston Salem. Try to minimize any distractions like radios, televisions or even an open door. Begin your conversation with your loved one by addressing them, introducing yourself and identifying your relationship. Use a calm and pleasant tone to your voice.

Body Language

Much like a picture says a thousand words our body language can say so much more. When your words seem to fail your body language can be valuable way to communicate. Holding hands, hugging and eye contact can help to keep your loved one calm and focused. People with memory loss will also express themselves through body language as well. It is important to look for signs of distress, discomfort or anxiety.

Yes or No

People who are dealing with memory loss can become easily confused as well as frustrated. Speak slowly, simply and repeat as necessary. Asking questions that can be answered with a “yes” or “no” will be more productive and less overwhelming. If you find that you loved one becomes anxious or upset, change the topic or suggest a walk or change of scenery.

Remember When

Many adults struggling with memory loss may not recall recent events but many can remember the distant past. Ask your loved one about people, places and experiences for years back. Even though the memories may fail the emotions will remain. Try to recall funny things to laugh about from the past. Laughter is a great medicine.